Discover the taste of the sea.


At the Crab Shack Deli we sell local handpicked Crab Meat, Lobsters, Oysters, Scallops, Mussels, Winkles, Whelks, Prawns, Cockles, Handmade Crab Soup and Patè... Freshly made Crab/Prawn sandwiches

and salads...

Whole cooked


This is a family run business...


Husband Rob has been a crab fisherman for over 30 years, we own the largest fishing boat in Teignmouth harbour 'La Vagabonde Des Mer' (The rogue of the sea) Along with our smaller boat 'The Royal Escape' ...  Both boats fish alongside each other in the English Channel (our eldest son works onboard both boats) whilst Wife and Daughter run the deli together!

What our customers say

I used to visit Crabshack Deli just as a treat but the prices are so good and the service is so much better than the supermarket I’m here most days!

Matt Johnson, Teignmouth

I came down all the way from London for a weekend with my Daughter to be suprised with the best crab sandwhich i've ever tasted!

Rebecca Jones, Shaldon

"Nothing else in this town comes close to the high standard of food which is available here and right on the beach what more could you ask for!"

Michael, Devon

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Other treats available in the deli!


We sell some local artisan products including Jams, Chutneys and Sauces... We have local Eggs, Smoked Meats and Fish, Local Chilli farm goods, Selection of Olives and Tapas. We also serve Smoothies, Frappes Ice cream and Frozen yoghurt. Buckets and Crabbing lines also available....

Our seafood is responsibly sourced


Always making sure there are plenty left in the sea.

How to find us

The Old Harbour Masters office, Newquay Street

Teignmouth South Devon TQ14 8DA



Crab & Lobster catching on our fishing boats...


This is a very environmentally friendly procedure! We lay baited pots on the seabed itself. Our fishing crew only select the best quality crabs & lobster and return the rest back to the sea alive, This is fishing responsibly!